10 May 2015

Dear Members of the AIT Community:

I write to inform the AIT Community of the progress of the AIT Library Modernization Project.


Kindly see the attached overall modernization plan of the library and the progress as of 1 May 2015 (Attachment 1).


Originally only Tasks A, B and C were considered within the estimated budget of 54 million Baht. However, because of the tremendously generous support from stakeholders and friends, the Library Modernization Task Force felt very much obliged to deliver the AIT library in its top form and quality. Thus, the "interior design" has been added in order to create a fresh atmosphere of intellectual excitement. The Library will impress upon its users and guests the vibrant international and culturally diverse learning environment of AIT.

Upon my consultation, Mr. Yodyiam Teptaranon, the former President of Association of Siam Architect (ASA), has kindly offered to help on the interior design aspect. The sketches of the interior design have been received as in Attachment 2, which will cost an additional budget of around 12 million Baht (TASK D in Attachment 1)

New President of AITAA-Thailand

Dear Khun Chawalit and All Friends,

Please find attached my letter notifying you about my successor, the new President of AITAA-Thailand, Khun Chusak Gaywee.
I also take the opportunity to join our friends in extending big thanks to our great host of the great 42nd GBM and also to thank you all for trusting me to lead AITAA for the next two years.
Please see details in the attached letter.

I would also like to invite you to take a look at the photographs of the 42nd GBM in our website:


And the pictures of the Thailand Chapter AGM held on 30th November 2013

I will keep in touch.

Thanin Bumrungsap